Latin Editions

De Umbris Idearum can be found in several excellent Latin editions, as well as in Italian translation, both online and in print.

Bruno, Giordano De Umbris Idearum  1st edition Paris, Ægidium Gorbinum. 1582

Bruno, Giordano De Umbris Idearum. Berolini and E.S. Mittlerum & Filium. Salvator Tugini, ed. 1888

Bruno, Giordano De Umbris Idearum at the Esoteric Archive


Bruno, Giordano Le Ombre Delle Idee.

Bruno, Giordano. Opere Mnemotechniche vol. 1Adelphi. Marco Matteoli, Rita Sturlese, et al. eds. 2004

Bruno, Giordano Opera Latine Conscripta vol. 2 Published by Morano Neapoli. V. Imbriani & CM Tallarigo, eds.


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