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De Umbris Idearum is available at



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Book 2 of the Collected Works of Giordano Bruno is now out:

The new English translation of Giordano Bruno’s On the Infinite, the Universe and the Worlds is now available in several locations online and in the real world. Buy it at:



Barnes and Noble
On the Infinite is one of Bruno’s most insightful cosmological works. Written in 1584, it argues for a boundless, infinite universe, containing innumerable planets, all of which are inhabited. This was a revolutionary idea for the day, opposed to the traditional Aristotelian model of a unique Earth-centered system, encapsulated within a set of planet-bearing crystalline spheres, and surrounded by an outermost sphere of fixed stars.Bruno’s ideas and struggle with the Church authorities were recently featured on an episode of Cosmos, and excerpts from the book


12 thoughts on “Buy The Books

    • I’m currently working my way through the magical works and his last mnemonic work, Thirty Statues. These should be coming out sometime this winter.

    • Yes. I plan on translating all of the memory works, eventually. Thirty Statues is up next, followed by Circe and then On The Composition Of Images. After that, there have been requests to publish hardback, box set and “talismanic” deluxe bound editions of all of the memory works together.

  1. Hi,

    That is wonderful to hear!

    Have you considered translating Robert Fludd’s work on memory or Giulio Camillo’s book on the Theater of Memory?

    I have not seen these translated into English which is a historical shame for lovers of the art of memory, mnemonics and other areas.

  2. Hi Mr. Gosnell,
    Is The Cabala of Pegasus a “memory technique” work of Bruno’s or only the 2 you’ve translated?

    • Cabala of Pegasus, though it uses some of the same allegorical imagery as the memory works, is usually classed as an “ethical or political” work.

      The memory works are: On the Shadows of Ideas, Thirty Seals & the Seal of Seals, Lamps of the Thirty Statues, Song of Circe, and On the Composition of Images. I’ve published the first two, Statues is in progress, and the last two are both available in limited editions from other publishers and are forthcoming as soon as I can get around to them.

      • Hi Mr. Gosnell,

        The books you translated are very nice…..however I wanted to use them. I realize that discerning G.B.’s original intent is probably very unlikely however the mnemonic part still holds.

        Can you recommend a written work which discusses the “hows” of his mnemonic books?


      • You can read Frances Yates’s The Art of Memory, which will give you an idea of how Bruno might have thought about the memory techniques, or you can go to any of the modern memory palace and memory technique books, such as those by Anthony Metivier or Tony Buzan, or Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer. There are also a lot of YouTube videos out there which will take you through the method, including some interviews with me.

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