To memorize anything, distribute vivid, emotionally stirring imagined images around a piece of familiar architecture. This is the method of loci, or memory palace method, first developed in classical antiquity.  Giordano Bruno perfected the art in the late 16th Century. He published a series of books on the subject, beginning with De Umbris Idearum (On the Shadows of Ideas).  His work and life would lead him across the major centers of Renaissance Europe, to the patronage of kings and nobles, the scorn and envy of academics, and ultimately to his imprisonment and  execution at the hands of the Roman Inquisition in 1600. Bruno’s works have been reprinted periodically since his death. The current edition is the first complete English translation to be published.


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  1. Hi Scott…Just got your book on Ramon Lull from Giordano Bruno that you translated……There is a problem on pg. 164

    The image is 1/3rd cut off!….Not sure if you’re aware of that.

    I bought the book from amazon.com……..Do you have the full image please you can send me?

    Steve Kafkoulas
    P.S. I subscribed to bottlerocketscience.

    You have my email as I used it here.

    Thanks sir! Good job with the written works…….Please produce Circe from Giordano Bruno.

    • I was not aware of that. I’ll dig up the image and post it here, send out a copy to you and anyone else who has bought the book, and fix the formatting issue in the book itself.

      Circe is on the list of works to be translated. Next up, though, are the works on magic, plus Thirty Statues. Then Circe and On The Composition of Images.

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